About Us

Chattu Chatorre Team consists of dedicated individuals who are extremely motivated and dedicated towards the cause of ordering and eating in the office.Our efforts is to popularize this concept and to extend our help to other fellow members working in different offices.

Who We Are

We are fellow Mosemps who work together as a team.Our job require us to promote our overseas clients.It's quite taxing so we indulge in our favourite pastime that is eatiiiiiing.Whoopeeee.

Our Team

1. Ravi aka Hapyd
2. Pranks aka Chatori
3. Mansi aka Chatori No.2 (Our Coordinator)
4. Akshay aka Sud aka Khargosh (Our Backup Eater)
5. Sunil aka BM's
6. Richa aka BM No.2
7. Rajesh aka King Of BM's
8. Sapna aka Phulwa
9. And Last not Least Our Agam as we call him The Mighty Agams

Our Philosphy : Mera Kya Matlab ( मेरा क्या मतलब )

Our Workplace (Before I Declare War)

Our workplace is like no other u'll ever see. Let me describe it to U guys. It's perfect for declaring war.We got four dept. on our floor. The H.R's, The Marketing Peeps (They rarely talk). The DnD ( Not the DnD toll one) and finally KMD, where we work. The stars, that nobdy want to see, but who cares. Ahem !. (We do but thats between you n us)

KMD is divided into Two Bays and it's further divided into 2. Now there always controversy between these two bays.We have a LOC (Actual line of control) between these two bays.One is the warzone.Khargosh and Phulwas bay. For Nobody's knows what will happen in their bay. They r unpredictable. They see dead people. Specially Phulwa.Today we told her.What's up with the hair and your undying love for the colour Black. She gave us the look. It clearly stated (Do you want to Live or Do you want to Die) . I preferred to live. I told her if i ever had to stay back in office late n i find her like this i'd probably die of heart attack. No offense but it's true.The only thing missing in the picture is two vampires teeth.Now coming back to territorial wars our's bay is like no other.IT'sss : ) Disneyland. People Laughing , People Working and Above all People eatingggggg. Now Phulwa want's to take over our Disneyland and convert it into warzone with the help of her army n The Bruce Almighty Agams.We shall fight.We won't give up. No matter what. With the help of our spy Khargosh and the support of King of BM's that he will aid us by providing his army of BM and BM No. 2 the Am's (That is hapyd, chotori, chatori no.2) will succeed and we will celebrate. By Eating. Lets' Declare War.

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